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Friday, April 4, 2008

We Can Rebuild Him

Before The Surgery

High As Giraffe Ass
After The Surgery

The Six Injection Site

What I Want To Get Back To
I was 210 In This Picture
(I'm 202 Right Now)

Well, the procedure I had on the day I left for my trip had me nervous, but, I was so focused on training and competing that I was able to put it out of my mind...Not so with today's...Today they worked on the c6 and c7 disks in my cervical area....As it was, I had to be totally anesthetized for the procedure (BEST sleep I've had in weeks!) ...Well it went well, and hopefully there will be some improvement because of it...Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers! Through my blood work and some other tests though seems the old man is breaking down if you have it in you, keep them up...Anyways, I was so nervous about this procedure that it kind of hindered my thinking on a huge thing as far as my jiu-jitsu is concerned...But after talking to Marcus (and really thinking about why I had my mind made up in the first place about it...I came up with my answer...There will be more on this soon I hope...anyways...Just a short one to let y'all know how I am...Hopefully I can go back to training Monday!

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