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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Conan...What is best in life?

Weight: 221.4

Had hand surgery yesterday...One more back procedure to go(Dec. 4) and I can get ready for next year! I should have my stitches out in a few days...If someone see's there way clear to sponsor me, I am looking forward to still participating in my first professional division at GrapplersQuest Dec. 12 in Vegas. If I can't find a sponsor by then, I'm out of it. Anyways, I got lots tot ype but my hand is KILLING me...2 shots of morphine yesterday didn't stop it hurting....just made me loopy as hell and I slept from 4pm until 1030 this morning...I am off to take a Lortab to be able to teach class tonight....I fight on...

Thought For The Day: Psalms 144:1---Blessed be the LORD my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Pics From My Back Procedure The Week Before No-Gi World's

Pics From PBJJ Classes

Weight: 226.8

Jiu-Jitsu, like life, is about choices. I have had a lot of high highs, and low lows, in life in the recent months. the thing is though, God has blessed me with something I think few get in life; an occupation that they truly love. Teaching class has been so very rewarding lately it is ridiculous. Through my times where things are not necessarily turning in my favor, I come to class (at times not even sure I want to be around people), but the students there and watching their progress while sharing something which has blessed me so abundantly cheers me up to the point I am really joyous when it's time to leave. In Jiu-Jitsu one of my holes in my game is still to this day, working out of side control to escape and or reverse. I can prevent most from ever even getting to that side, but some like let's say Luiz "Big Mac" Theodoro can make any mistake I put forth into a chance to work from that position. The thing is, when in an c-uncomfortable position, to remember that you have options, what those options are, and to have trained your body to act on them with minimal or no thought is essential to survive and eventually turn the tide in your own favor. I've learned this and put it into my BJJ being to the point I am rarely ever flustered or feel threatened even if I an training and allow myself to start in a precarious position.
That said, life has been kicking me the proverbial stones lately. Money, people, work, health all been really just wearing on me. Haven't eaten in a couple days, the job not paying on time, and have to get my wrist operated on on Monday among a few other things happening have put me underneath the 100KG position and are looking to squeeze the breath out of me. The thing is though, I overlook the good things at times. Great students with potential who actually work, great friends who DO care about me and know the person I am today, good results for the most part in my competitions, and a better understanding of how to train and what's important in BJJ, along with a new found understanding of God and how He wishes me to be first and foremost all can give me the pressure release to escape the b.s. The problem with most people is they do not choose to see the door open in front of them because they make a subconscious choice to dwell on and expand on the negative. That energy can be transferred to others easily, but more importantly it can be transferred to other things and situations in your life causing a snowball of bad things to happen.
My philosophy of BJJ competition and thought process on how to proceed against an opponent was instilled and cultivated my Marcus Hicks...What I am speaking of is this: "To achieve the submission, I must go forward, and place pressure upon my opponent. I must increase this pressure as I improve my position, until the opponent cracks. Once the opponent cracks, then the end game must come for them swiftly, and in an overwhelming manner. In life, I am making a choice to feel good about myself and about things, though they may not come in an optimum manner. Also, I choose to place pressure upon these things until they crack. I choose to feel ok with who I really am inside and show it. With that, I can always feel good.
As for BJJ, at my gym ( ) I am very happy that I have a few new students. I am extremely fortunate to have students who are pleasant as well as hard working and who listen. They are all improving much and show a lot of promise! Also very happy that we have the first two ladies in our G.A.P. program. More importantly, they both train hard and are really taking to it.
I have been today told that I am selected to compete in my first Professional division (i.e. if I win the prize money is $1,000) at GrapplersQuest in Las Vegas in December. I am very honored and flattered to be included in such company. Very very humbled. That said, not only do I have to worry about how fast I can recover from the hand/wrist surgery I am going to have this upcoming Monday, but, with money as it stands, I cannot afford to get a plane ticket/hotel/rental car at all. In fact, it seems I will be missing being able to compete at European championships in for the first time as a black belt Jan in Portugal as well. Just do not have it as I did before, and though I have a sponsor who covers my entry fees into tournaments and does a few other things for me, as well as get products from another, I just seems I have not done enough to warrant anyone to sponsor me like they do the real high-level athletes to travel etc. I will do my best with what I have and God will carry me through to hopefully raise my level enough that someone takes notices and thinks my merits as a competitor enough to sponsor.
Also, check out the latest edition of Graciemag (with Braulio Estima and Andre Galvao on the cover) where I have two pictures, a small write up and a picture in advertisement for the sponsor I spoke of above ( BJJ EDGE...
Anyways, I CHOOSE to be happy and it's making a big difference in my ability to function and focus. I wish you the same.....I fight on

Though for The Day: Please pray for a friend of mine "Brandon 'O-Soul' Medlock, as he lost his mother yesterday. He is a really good guy. I wish him and his family peace!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Campeao Sem Kimono 2009

Weight: 228.2

In the past few weeks, Had Staples in my head from a removed cyst, I've placed 2nd to Luiz "Big Mac" in Miami, had a back procedure done, Won a World No-Gi Championship(Placed Third in the absolute), had two tires blowout, and found out that I am in the current issue of Graciemag a few times(once mentioned in an article, one picture in an article, and one picture in a sponsor ad ( in all, life is full, and God is great!...There is much pulling at me, but there is too much fuel to allow that to happen...More to write about all this and I will be adding pictures and video here in the next few days about all of this, but for now....I fight on...

Thought For The Day: "Everything I have ever done, was out of fear of being mediocre."

FINAL, Black Belt, Sr. 1, Pesadissimo

Semi-Final, Black Belt, Sr. 1 Absolute
I lost this match due to the referee not liking the fact I had him in my closed guard. Not much movement at all, for a few reasons I guess, but you be the judge as to who should have gotten the decision.