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Monday, March 30, 2009

One More Goal Done...God Is GOOD! (Updated)

Pesadelo Power

Getting Interviewed By The IBJJF

The Crew From The Gym

With the "General" Fabio Gurgel

With Tyler And Some Friends From Brazil

Pesh Photo 2 Before Weight Class Match

Me And Gian Carlo After Medals - Weight Class

Absolute Podium

Double Gold

The Pesadelo Pose - 2009 Pan Am

Weight: 216.5
***Will write up an explanation of Super Guard later 4 those not familiar with it***


Champion – Brown – Sr. 1 – Absolute

Champion – Brown – Sr. 1 – Super Heavyweight

Won all my matches by submission, including a submission by modified "Super Guard" in the Absolute Final!!! I hadn't said much to anyone, as I knew those who care about me would worry, bitch, complain, protest, etc, but I have been having recurring issues with what I am guessing is a nerve problem for the last month or so. It reared it's head at the tournament, and I did not think I could make it through. At times my right side would either go numb, or just not really respond well, while losing grip strength in my right hand. That said, the power of prayer is wonderful. I kept my words up to God, and he brought me through. The tournament had just about 2500 competitors this year and really ran well and on schedule! I was very happy with that. Also in addition to getting to accomplish another one of my goals, I got selected to be interviewed for a little video feature which will be in the IBJJF website which has some of my interview along with some of my fight footage. Speaking of that, I REALLY need work on defending the single leg by shorter competitors...Need that work bad, as well as some other holes in my game I realized by sitting down and watching the Black belts compete. The guys from the gym did really great as well:

Carl Ortega - Bronze, Sr.3, Black, Leve

Jon Bjorkesten - Silver, Sr. 3, Black, Absolute
- Bronze, Sr.3, Black, Leve

Kelly Rundle - Silver, Sr. 3, Brown, Pessadissimo

Ronald Green - Silver - Purple, Sr. 1, Absolute

wouldn't be a trip of mine without some b.s. involved right??....Well, I almost got stuck in L.A. as the American Airlines chick who booked my flight on the phone mistakenly booked my return flight for MAY 30 instead of MARCH 30...I ended up here at hom ebut basically going on no sleep since getting up and competing yesterday morning through last night. Gonna get my neck looked at tomorrow, and get some good rest tonight I hope. Will get fight video up when I get some time....Until then, I fight on...

Thought For Today: The Entire Book of Job

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pesadelo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu At The DFW Gun Club

Weight: 216.8

Closed the deal today. Pesadelo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is born. Starting the week of April 13th at the DFW Gun Range, I will be starting my school of the gentle art. Have a few scheduling issues to work through with my current teaching and training schedule, but my dream is more than in reach now. Will give more details once everything is scheduled out. I fight on....

Thought For The Day: God may not come when you want Him to, but He is always right on time.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Becoming...

The Steve Halls Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Faxia Preta e Faixa Marrom

One Of The Bravest And Most Inspiring People I Have Ever Met

Weight: 218.5

As you can see, by the weight above...I am officially a fat guy now! lol...I always wanted to get to about 225 or 230 but it's coming on too fast...Pan Ams is approaching...And I have to be 221 with the GI, which means now I have to watch what I eat, and perhaps hit the sauna Tues. and Wed. That said, I am sure to be able to hit my target weight in the next few weeks after Pan Ams, maybe even a tad bit more if I can put in on smartly. My thyroid is a bitch so while I am OK with it, just hope it doesn't start going the other way and drop me to my 2007 Pan Am weight (167.4 WITH the GI on!)...Trainign has been pretty decent, and it feels good now, being able to listen to my instructors and even other training partners, and being able to more easily assimilate/process/implement into my game the information quickly. Also able to discard better the things that will or won't work.
Had a birthday this past Thursday(March 19th), and I am STILL accepting presents! lol Hope to get a chance to actually party some before the 31st! As far as that though, I am feeling really old...Just tired and run down a bit...Recovery time is becoming an issue, So I must work a bit harder to combat that somehow...Found out that the intense pain I have been having with my right hand is a fractured bone, or perhaps two in it near the wrist. Chokes, especially lapel and cross chokes have become my favorites things to do from pretty much anyplace...That said, I have been having great problem with finishing recently because of the hand issues..This gives me problems everywhere...from stand up to guard to passing...:( I have attempted to compensate but we will see how it goes..Luckily the drilling I do, I make every effort to be ambidextrous with technique, even over doing my weak side to make certain I can still operate. We shall see. I have some really good guys in the open and in my division. The one thing though, making weight will have me at the very top of my class for a change.(I normally compete in Super Pesado to make certain I do not miss weight while being able to eat, but normally end up in the mid to low Pesado range, if that.)...I am confident though. I will Go Gettem! I will do what I do.
Work with Marcus gave me some new insight on to passing some different guards effectively and relentlessly but with a conservation of movement. Black belts make things look so simple. Coah Allen has worked with me on passing X as well as some positioning tips for control...I am much better for the personal attention to detail as well as the rolling with them as I learn so much from even just watching them work, I have been able to gain a better understanding of my weaknesses and move now to eliminate those holes.
This weekend I got some more great tips on passing, positioning and control from Steve Hall (Royce Gracie Black Belt) ...Dude is a wealth of knowledge and gave a GREAT seminar for free at this past NAGA tournament which I refereed along with him in Atlanta. It was really a good trip and that I got so much knowledge on things I need to work on made it even better...
Also learned lessons in perseverance and in appreciation for life and the gift of this Art which I have been given...There is a kid (I will get his full name as soon as I can as I don't have it here with me as I blog.) who competed at the NAGA event and got third place in his division. Doesn't sound like much? Well the fact is, he is completely blind. I was honored to meet him, and that's my picture with him which we took prior to his last match. It really inspired me to see his attitude and watch him move so effectively and push through what could easily be for any of us, an excuse to sit around and do nothing but mope. For any who train, for any who struggle, for any who wish to do accomplish anything, just know that there are people like this kid who show us that the things we use to keep us from what we CLAIM to want, are really nothing. I had a guy on my mat get injured with a serious neck injury(Nick). He had been competing with fused vertebrae in his neck, and on a routine defense of a guillotine, he may have popped that fusion or worse, though I pray it is only a severe strain. Sitting with him waiting for the ambulance and trying to get him calm and ascertaining his situation really had all sorts of things rushing through my head. Cherish each moment you have to do what you love. Do not allow things to get in the way, but also take care of yourself when it is something that could be life or death. His wanting to compete with that sort of injury was foolhardy but also showed that just to be out there sometimes is much more important to us than we can ever imagine. I attempt to push through a lot, but I really do not work hard enough. I allow things to stop me that should not. People ask why I do this. They want to know why I punish myself, though I do not consider it to be so. One day I will be old, and I already have a lifetime of regrets, promise unfulfilled, and a trail of dreams never realized because I lacked the fortitude, focus, and perseverance to make them happen. After witnessing this guy and the little man with so much heart, I can't in good conscience ever have an excuse to not put forth my effort in the best manner possible until I have at least accomplished my longer term goals. Think of these guys when the next time a sore muscle, or a headache, or a personal life problem takes you away from your passion whatever it may be. Do not allow your joy to be stolen by your own hand. For the people who cannot walk, who do not know the joy of being able to just run outside in the fresh air, or play. For those people who dream to be able to be the best at something but are relegated to watch and hope and not even be able to partake in their passion. For those who waste God's gifts. For all those people and all those reasons, I will finish what I start and begin the journey to where I dream of going. all this has been a test. All the injury, pain, frustration of day to day life. It goes away when on the mat. That is a peace I cannot get elsewhere. I can't allow myself to fail, falter, or quit when I see those who can't sitting and wishing. When I see those who should not be able to, move way past their wildest expectations, I know what I have to fight on...

Thought For the Day: "Either DO, or DO NOT!. There Is no try!"

Though For The Week And Pan Ams: I want to be able to whoop somebody's ass knowing that I whooped their ass because I whooped their ass, not because I needed help whooping their ass. That's the type of ass-whooper I am, you feeling me?"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Picking Up Steam...updated

Weight: 207.8

Have a bunch of updates as to my students' progress, the results of my first stripe testing for my students, results from the Abu Dhabi Pro BJJ Trials I placed Third in(was ROBBED!), and my own training to be ready for the upcoming Pan American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships...Have pics and will hit you up with it later on...Right now I want to thank Marcus Hicks, who has helped to guide and shape my game, for coming out and taking the time to oversee testing of my students last night and to Kell without whom I would not be able to run my classes.
I'm getting old...So will just drop a few words on here and pictures later to come this evening...
Congratulations to my student George Flint who in under 4mos of training with me, took SECOND PLACE March 7 in his first ever competition, even getting the submission with one of my favorites(paper cutter) in his first match. I am very proud of him for that. Also, as noted above, my first group of students, George, Cory, and Trevor all went through testing and gained new stripes on their belts with Trevor getting two. My training has been going well but I am really banged up. Pan Ams will happen God willing, but it will be a struggle to perform at top level. for a few reasons...:( Toe is still broken. Very hard to work the throws I like because of it. Still having a recurrence of my shoulder issues and some low back pain as well. Not sure where it's from but it's not merely muscular it seems. Having something wrong with my hand I need to get checked out too...Ehh...I fight on...

Thought For The Day: "When I get to do my thing, I do my thing. And when I do my thing, my thing get done".