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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Picking Up Steam...updated

Weight: 207.8

Have a bunch of updates as to my students' progress, the results of my first stripe testing for my students, results from the Abu Dhabi Pro BJJ Trials I placed Third in(was ROBBED!), and my own training to be ready for the upcoming Pan American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships...Have pics and will hit you up with it later on...Right now I want to thank Marcus Hicks, who has helped to guide and shape my game, for coming out and taking the time to oversee testing of my students last night and to Kell without whom I would not be able to run my classes.
I'm getting old...So will just drop a few words on here and pictures later to come this evening...
Congratulations to my student George Flint who in under 4mos of training with me, took SECOND PLACE March 7 in his first ever competition, even getting the submission with one of my favorites(paper cutter) in his first match. I am very proud of him for that. Also, as noted above, my first group of students, George, Cory, and Trevor all went through testing and gained new stripes on their belts with Trevor getting two. My training has been going well but I am really banged up. Pan Ams will happen God willing, but it will be a struggle to perform at top level. for a few reasons...:( Toe is still broken. Very hard to work the throws I like because of it. Still having a recurrence of my shoulder issues and some low back pain as well. Not sure where it's from but it's not merely muscular it seems. Having something wrong with my hand I need to get checked out too...Ehh...I fight on...

Thought For The Day: "When I get to do my thing, I do my thing. And when I do my thing, my thing get done".


Jeffro aka (Jeff Mullenax) Jeffro Gameness, Jeffro Hurt'n Machine said...

Keep it up bro....thanks a ton for the tip you gave me on how to get the head turned the right way on the noose choke at the txbjj event,,,I used it later on and it was a much quicker submission that required WAY less effort...I will see ya at the Houston event on April 18th.


Junior Familia said...

glad to hear your finding ways to get to competitions with your recent string of badluck.

seeeyou in cali bro!