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Monday, March 30, 2009

One More Goal Done...God Is GOOD! (Updated)

Pesadelo Power

Getting Interviewed By The IBJJF

The Crew From The Gym

With the "General" Fabio Gurgel

With Tyler And Some Friends From Brazil

Pesh Photo 2 Before Weight Class Match

Me And Gian Carlo After Medals - Weight Class

Absolute Podium

Double Gold

The Pesadelo Pose - 2009 Pan Am

Weight: 216.5
***Will write up an explanation of Super Guard later 4 those not familiar with it***


Champion – Brown – Sr. 1 – Absolute

Champion – Brown – Sr. 1 – Super Heavyweight

Won all my matches by submission, including a submission by modified "Super Guard" in the Absolute Final!!! I hadn't said much to anyone, as I knew those who care about me would worry, bitch, complain, protest, etc, but I have been having recurring issues with what I am guessing is a nerve problem for the last month or so. It reared it's head at the tournament, and I did not think I could make it through. At times my right side would either go numb, or just not really respond well, while losing grip strength in my right hand. That said, the power of prayer is wonderful. I kept my words up to God, and he brought me through. The tournament had just about 2500 competitors this year and really ran well and on schedule! I was very happy with that. Also in addition to getting to accomplish another one of my goals, I got selected to be interviewed for a little video feature which will be in the IBJJF website which has some of my interview along with some of my fight footage. Speaking of that, I REALLY need work on defending the single leg by shorter competitors...Need that work bad, as well as some other holes in my game I realized by sitting down and watching the Black belts compete. The guys from the gym did really great as well:

Carl Ortega - Bronze, Sr.3, Black, Leve

Jon Bjorkesten - Silver, Sr. 3, Black, Absolute
- Bronze, Sr.3, Black, Leve

Kelly Rundle - Silver, Sr. 3, Brown, Pessadissimo

Ronald Green - Silver - Purple, Sr. 1, Absolute

wouldn't be a trip of mine without some b.s. involved right??....Well, I almost got stuck in L.A. as the American Airlines chick who booked my flight on the phone mistakenly booked my return flight for MAY 30 instead of MARCH 30...I ended up here at hom ebut basically going on no sleep since getting up and competing yesterday morning through last night. Gonna get my neck looked at tomorrow, and get some good rest tonight I hope. Will get fight video up when I get some time....Until then, I fight on...

Thought For Today: The Entire Book of Job


Brad said...

Congrats, man. That's awesome. Can't wait to see the video. Are you going to throw a link up on the Jiu Jitsu Forums so the guys there can see too?

clinzy said...

HUGE congrats! Take care of your neck!

Kage said...

awesome job! I love the blog. Can I ask you a question though. What exactly is a super guard? GRATS!

Jeffro aka (Jeff Mullenax) Jeffro Gameness, Jeffro Hurt'n Machine said...

Heck Yeah!!!! Good stuff and way to represent. I will pray for the neck.

clubfoot said...

Well done brother, congrats on all of your successes! I have a ton of family in the Dallas area so I'll be sure to stop in and train when I am visiting next. I like the new INK looks good! Keep up the great blog. Side note you know if Tyler has released the all black GI's for market yet, last I heard it was mid March.

Junior Familia said...

CONGRATZ! it was nice to see you compete and a pleasure to have met you. hope to see you again!