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Thursday, April 17, 2008


2008 Pan Am Super-Heavyweight - Purple - Champion
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Well I am about 202 this morning, and it's kind of frustrating b/c I am so close to dropping under 200 but no matter what I do I can't seem to get to that 210 plateau and know I need to put that muscle on to be a bit more competitive at Super-Heavyweight.

Anyways...Yesterday, went to see another D.C. (Mark Zuber, D.C. @ Plano Physical Medicine & Rehab ...972.733.0915) about my arm and neck issues...The diagnosis he made was about my scalene(sp?) muscles and he did some ART on the area in addition to my tendinitis in my elbows...I felt the little adhesions popping and immediately got some more range of motion...Also, he showed me some exercises to do when my hands/forearms start to cramp...funny thing is, every time I've ever gotten a massage in the past several months, the areas I try to get folks to work on, are the areas that I need taken care of and had they done so for long enough, then perhaps some of my issues wouldn't be so bad...Well..
I get to class last night, and almost form the first time I started to roll, I noticed the difference...Even this typing right now, would have caused me pain and I normally would have had to take two breaks by now to rest my arms/hands...But last night, no matter the amount of grip I used, I did not get the same issues as I had before until way later in the night...MAN....I am damned happy...With a few more treatments, I am hopeful this part of my problems will go away...I damn sure will need it at Mundials....(IF I even get to go that is...)

Practice last night was really fulfilling for some reason as I actually picked up some things that will be very useful and was able to understand and apply them in my own way immediately...Also, some reversals and things I've been working on, worked very well...Needing to work with some folks better than me to make certain but I am confident...Thing is, lots of folks ask me questions now, and I feel pressure to make certain I adapt my answers to each person so as not to give them incorrect information, nor do I provide them with issues and tiny imperfections that will trouble them...I will do my best though.

As for Mundials...seems I will have to compete at Super-Heavy as the alliance team already has last year's champion at Heavy and bronze medalist at Heavy competing...that being said, I am not sure if I will get to be entered into the Absolute...On top of all that, money is seriously Chris Rock-ish about now (i.e. My money is funny...For you ebonically challenged folks out there!)...I honestly don't think I can actually go to Mundials, and definitely I am not able to make Intl. Masters/Seniors in Brazil as I'd hoped...I don't know what to do, but I do know, I am really tired of scraping things together and fretting/worrying till the last minute and being in a deep hole when I come home, because I over-extended myself to go someplace when I didn't come up with the funds from elsewhere...It's funny, because folks always tell me "Companies/People would be glad to sponsor you....It should be be easy as hell to get some sponsors"...But when I try, no one has the $...or me doing jiu-jitsu doesn't fit in with giving them any measurable ROI...or they just aren't willing...and I am not as good as the people at the top, so I am not attractive to the top sponsors...all that makes me proud and feel even more happy that Tyler from GOMGI ( ...maker of the BEST GI and No-GI equipment out there!) allows me to represent his brand...But I have to find something else not only to help get myself there but to help folks find out about gomgi, alliance, hicks mma, mohler jiu-jitsu, and just to show what I can do on a bigger scene...Anyone out there that knows any company, entity, etc that would be willing and able now, to sponsor me for some of these tournament trips coming up or hell if you just know a decent and easy/quick enough way to do some fund-raising...PLEASE let me know...

Some News:
I am now an OFFICIAL NAGA first action as such will be working the Dollamur NAGA championships here in Dallas on May 3rd. It MAY be my first action as a Brown Belt...but that depends on whether or not they split the weight divisions up(there are 3 brown belts who are said to come which are all over 265lbs....and 2 of em are above 300!!!), and how I can work it out with NAGA as they don't generally like to have the referees competing...
Also, there's a nice little write up in Gracie Magazine Association's News site on here to see it:


I am also working on submitting my name for the 200lb and over division of the 8 Man Pro division at the 2008 GrapplersQuest U.S. Nationals, June 28 and June 29 in NJ held concurrently with the Copa Atlantica BJJ tournament...Would be in a division with Monson and Ricardo Migliarese among others...A daunting task to do well, but you have to start someplace...Of course, this is contingent upon them allowing me in (which is a stretch b/c my resume' isn't all that good compared to any in the field), and having the $ to be able to go as I mentioned above, but I will try...

I'd just like to say here, that I hate politics in BJJ/grappling...Hate my damned job but need it (how I stopped from choking out my co-worker yesterday was only by the grace of God! :( )...there is no such thing as a respectable ho! that's an oxymoron!...I am working on another album and mixtape and my flow is straight window Licker (i.e. retarded or very very good...again this is for you ebonically challenged folks...), so look out for it...I'd love to be teaching some place but I couldn't survive with the bills I have...I got too many damned medicines to take and it's kickin my ass in training...I'm Just rambling..I fight on...

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