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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sometimes It's You!

Hope I have at least a few more moments like this this year...

Talked with a good friend last night and this morning. Talked about how to get out of ruts in life, and how to change results of things in life. Was speaking about Jiu-jitsu and what I was speaking of before as in reaching kind of a plateau where it didn't seem I was progressing, but it applies to life in general too...It seems as if lots of times we get into places where we blame others, other situations, lack of resources, hell, just about anything for our downfalls, limitations, and misfortunes...We focus so much on those things, and dealing with outward problems, that we don't realize...sometimes....most's us!...It's YOU. Some things have been turning around for me, as I've focused more on God, on family, on health, and on basically staying to myself, and away from bad situations and bad people...But even so there were/are things that must be changed by myself to move forward...the progress I made last night in class, allowed me to see that by focusing on changing me, I can continue to improve and move forward. Marcus and Coach Allen always say in positions, that you move yourself, don't try to move the person...Never has that been more clear, as I've seen a lot of folks around trying to move others, instead of realizing they need to move themselves...I know I'm rambling, but It meant a lot to me, and hope it reaches someone...

I got up with my push ups, sit ups, and stairs today...felt decent
Today's wake up weight was 205.2...Happy with that as well as I have somewhere between 6 and 8% body fat as measured by caliper...So it's been good weight put on...My movement and understanding in class and rolling have honestly grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple days ...Hopefully that translates well as I start the competition season.

Thought for the day: "You should fix what's in the mirror, before you allow yourself to point the finger at others."


Nicia said...

a.i.n.t. THAT the truth?! Good luck this weekend, Stephen!

gigi b said...

God ~ family ~ that order always brings truth and solace. Thanks for your writing ~ i appreciate your insight ~ depth and quality. Congrats on your current success on and off the mat!