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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How To Set Goals

This morning I woke up at 204.8!!! Seems like the weight gain/extra work I'm putting in is working...A change in my meds as well has helped, so hopefully before the end of the month I will be at my target walking around weight of between 210 lbs and 215 lbs...

This morning I felt lazy, so I did about 20min of stretching, only 50 push ups, 3min of six inch drills, 5 sets of stairs, and was off to work...

Portugal Trip update
A major portion of what was to be put towards the trip, isn't now. Should have learned long ago, never put goals out there that depend upon others for their achievement. Still working toward it now though, and have faith that it will happen...If not, then I will just be here and compete and referee in the TXBJJ tournament in Dallas that same weekend...

class tonight...hope i shake this lazy/sick feeling so i can get a good workout in...need to work my side mount escapes and on some new submissions from side mount and guard tonight...want to have a more varied attack this year...the armbars have been coming...but this is my year for bow and arrow and rear naked chokes!

Oh...if you can't see the videos at the bottom...go here:
I put up a few new tournament videos last night

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Hope you feel better.