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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Else? Once More Into The Breach...

Weight: 203.8

Had a couple of good training days getting ready for the European Championships this weekend, as well as had some that make me question myself and my game...It's been said to me a few times lately that my guard was not as threatening as it had once been. I've been forcing myself to work more on sweeping and passing as well as top side positioning so much by taking away certain arm bars and most definitely the triangle that it's become a chore getting myself back into my attack mode...Problem is, one of those who told me the things I need to work more to get to black belt level then told me a couple nights ago that I need to fire my main weapons (triangles/etc) more... i just don't feel much like myself, but if I am to reach any goals I've set for myself, I need to be me again soon...That said, I've rolled with Coach Allen a lot more lately and done pretty well for myself...I think it is the fact, that I am forced to be on my toes a lot gives me a better performance than at times when I feel i may not be in trouble against other opponents...This is something i need to change as well now...Tonight, my take downs were ON!...I probably should not have been doing them this close to a tournament, but really with thing as they were on my mind, I needed a release, and even included low single leg scoop on a VERY athletic guy amongst my judo throws ...With one exception coming on a time where I kept placing my hands backwards for a suicide throw(like three times I did it in a true brain freeze) everything was ok....That said, my arm...more specifically one vein/artery in my right arm has hurt me feeling like it is either collapsed or maybe feel like something is in it really hard and it hurts like HELL!...On top of that been having some bad heart palpitations at night...That said, my neck and back pain seems to be gone!...If there wasn't something wrong with me, then I'd be worried...That's how it is before tournaments it seems...All I know is, I am hoping to be able to block things out and not look stupid over there no matter the outcome...
Jiu-Jitsu is ok, and with enough work, I hope in a couple years I can finally reach the black belt...May take a little longer as it seems I may be forced to the sidelines for sometime..My insurance company disallowed my claim for my truck, claiming mechanical failure...So as of tomorrow I must return the rental, and by Tuesday I must have the truck towed some place at my expense or have it fixed at the auto shop...Can't afford it...Seeing as I have no sponosrs for any of the tournaments I was to go to, and have to put money away to get the truck fixed, at least everything through the Pan Ams will have to be missed including the training camp up in ATL, and most likely everything up to Mundials at least will be out as I will have to pay out of pocket for everything if I am to compete. All that is secondary to the fact that I will have no transportation for quite some time it seems...between getting to work, getting my daughter to school, getting to teach in Plano, and training, looks like I may only be able to get my daughter to school as it is in walking distance...If anyone out there has a bicycle at least i can ride one to work when it is not raining...Can someone let me borrow one?...Seriously...Other than that, training and teaching will have to take a severe back seat for a while...Gettinga little pissed right now so I will end this saying I am still going to go to Europeans (honestly decided this while writing as I was on the fence), and will do my best to update the blog often as I can...*I hope not to let folks down because of lack of concentration...I fight on...but why?

Though For The Day: Bend...Do not break.

1 comment:

Junior Familia said...

life can be such a burden, i hope everything works out and i get to see you at the pan ams, theres still time. stay up and stay positive, like in bjj, theres always a counter to the moves life throws at ya!
kinda corny but =/ goodluck bro!