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Friday, January 9, 2009

LIVE...From The Operating Room...



Went to teach last night, and had a bit of a bad day, was tired, and a lil aggravated when I went in, but my students gave me a pick me up...I am REALLY proud of the way they are coming along. They are progressing slowly, but I can see it.(They can't I don't think...) Went through some drills and taught the cross choke from guard, the loop choke from guard, and the ankle pick take down...I need to figure out a way to get a bit more drill time in without compromising their cardio work as I am really emphasizing cardio, perseverance, and the absolute flat out basics....There is a LOT that I want to teach but I want to ensure they eliminate a lot of the tiny problems that creep into the foundation of the six basic positions and basic techniques so they don't have to later...That said, we did what I call the don't quit drill....This is where you start on your back with the person on top already flattening you out in side control and you have to survive for a period of time (There's was 2min per partner), and the only way you can get done early is to reverse AND submit your partner...No matter whether you do so or you go the whole distance, a new and fresh partner immediately jumps on you and this repeats for a set number of partners...The partner on top, his job is to maintain position, and submit you. The biggest thing about this, is it forces you (as you start out tired already having done class and cardio) to do things technically correct, not panic, and definitely to see how far you will go before you mentally quit...None of them did...They made me very proud last night...That isn't to say they did everything correct...But they got the gist, they tried hard, and they actually showed that they can attempt to work the things they learned...Even when I would be the last person in their set they still kept moving, and working...The guys I have, will definitely be able to go far if they stick with it...I just need to work to get them more mat time, and work to get some more students...3-4 per class ain't gonna cut it to help them get better...

As to the title of this post, you should have noticed by now, that you can see the lil video box at the top of this page...Well, using new technology, from different locations and events, I will be able to stream live video of what I am doing...Today, I go to get my neck surgery again...So, in addition to the pictures I normally get, I will be broadcasting live, hopefully showing things like when I get my IV in, and as much as I can do prior to me going into the operating room and going under as I can...I will ask if they'd leave the camera on while I am in surgery but I doubt it...We shall see...So if you are on between 1:15 and maybe 2:15 it will be a live stream...The program automatically archives it so if you miss it live, you will be able to see later...Wish me luck...They are doing a bit different in that it's my C5, C6, and C7 vertebrae along with my Brachial Plexus nerve bundle...So in addition to the epidural spaces and the actual disk being injected, the nerves will be worked on too...After that, on next Tuesday I have to go in and have some work done on my shoulder (Severe Tendinitis and a problem with my rotator cuff)...I know I Know...I'm falling apart...But....I fight on...

Thought For The Day: Let Go, and Let GOD!

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