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Friday, January 9, 2009

Feeling Good Feeling Great How Are You?

Weight: 199.2

Back from my procedure....Feeling sluggish as I dunno what...But...i don't know if it is the medicine the put into my neck and epidural spaces, the gel inserted into the disks, or the anesthesia has not worn off, but the relief was pretty much immediate...And as to my last times having something similar done, it gets better as time goes on...

Thanks to Dr. Jerry Holubec, Tina -CRNA, and all the wonderful nurses and staff at the Holubec Regional Pain Care Center...If not for them (as well as Scott Colling, Marc Zuber, and James Brown with my chiropratic needs) I wouldnt be able to walk straight or function correctly...Anyone around who needs help from neck/back/arm/shoulder/foot/knee pain or anything else shouls see these guys!

This upcoming Tuesday I am to go in to get knocked out again and have my shoulder tendons and rotator cuff worked on...I hope to be much better and able to show my best at the European Championships at the end of the month!

Thanks and God Bless....I fight on...

Thought For The Day: We can rebuild him....Bigger, Better, Stronger....Faster!

Oh...and...Drugz (Versed, Propofol, and Fentanil) are grrreat! Sometimes! lol

1 comment:

Jadon Ortlepp said...

If I wasnt going away this month I would of been at the euro's to meet yah!. Hope it goes well and will see if I can get any of my boys to cheer you on.

Good luck again,