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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tools Of The Shoulder Work

Right After The Injections

Before Teaching Class


Pic By Shane Kislack For My Site

One Mo Gin
By Shane

Sponsorship Flyer

Weight: 200.8

Not too talkative today...Just been mulling over some positional issues I've been having, mainly passing on top through half guard and defending butterfly sweeps...Also, have been having really screwy mental issues...Tiny breakdowns that I thought I had eliminated, but are happening at really critical times...Such as wrong hand placement on the over under crush pass that could allow a triangle or breaking posture at the precise wrong time in guard...Misplacing my weight when on top during the knee through pass or just sitting to prevent my opponent of being able to regain their leg use once I have them...Mental breaks are much worse than errors of incorrect form at times to me...Got to figure out how to keep my mind right...And definitely have to get to work on those issues...Problem is, I have to have time to play a tad bit more than i have time for as European Championships are 17 days away...i need to be focusing in on aggressive finishing style rolling while removing things from my game that I don't feel I have assimilated totally....I have to find a way to do that as well as eliminate the mental breaks and/or the reasons that cause me not to have focus in the first place somehow...Speaking of which....

Went in to the doctor today to have my shoulder worked on...Instead of the normal anesthesia, I just got a does of Versed or sumn to that effect...I may be saying it wrong...And got cortisone into four points in my shoulder to treat the "severe" tendinitis...One deep in the front, one on top under the little bone where the tendon inserts and two in back deep near the rotator cuff...It sucked ASS...Stung a little when the needle first went through the skin even though I was high as giraffe ass, but i could feel where it moved around when Doc felt around to get the medicine to the right place...:( I'd forgotten what it felt like to have that done since I was in college running track...:(:(:( Anyway, it was a weird feeling as the tendons affected most were giving me problems with the nerves that ran close to them, so the shoulder was numb, but I still had use of my hand fully...Ehh...Anyway, found out fromt he Doc as well that it needs to be another procedure as the Epidural procedure cleared up half the problem, but the problem in the disks will have to be worked on again...Perhaps this Friday if my insurance gets the pre-cert done in time...I sure hope so because I may not be able to get in next week, and he is gone the week after, so the grating feeling, and head/neck pain, along with the nerve issues associated with the C5 and C6 vertebrae will be there still...SO I figure if I get good work in tomorrow, and Thursday, and get the work done on Friday, I can let it rest for a couple days and perhaps get a few more days of good work in before I have to scale back....We will see...I'd thought i was done, but if this next procedure gets it done and the gel and meds help, then I will be good...We will see...


Tonight at class, it seems like I got a new student...That will be GREAT! My guys worked hard tonight and hopefully I am doing well by them...Need to figure out more ways to get them to ask questions and a way to have them more easily assimilate what i am teaching but, things are going well it seems...

Lot's of other things going on in life, but, it is what it is...I fight on....

Thought For The Day: Pain Is Only Temporary....No Matter How Long It Lasts.

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