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Friday, January 23, 2009

Under The Knife Again...In More Ways Than One...


Dr. Jerry And Toni (Anesthesia)

Toni Again

Going To Sleep

Dr. Jerry At Work With The Gel

Getting The Bionics Fixed

Now For The Cortisone

In Recovery

The Wake Up Nurse

Getting The I.V. Out

Weight: 202.4

Not in much of a writing mood...So This will be brief...Went in to have my neck procedure (Neck Lancette Injections - Bilateral in C4, C5, C7, and C7 and surgical gel injected into C5 and C6 disks to relieve nerve pressure...) In short, the procedure went well...Actually regained great range of motion right after leaving the operating room...Hopefully everything will be better soon...

As for everything else, I have no idea how things will work out...I have gotten lot's of nice ideas from folks about trying to get sponsorship and/or to raise $ to make tournaments etc...I thank you all kindly for the thought and efforts on your parts, and though nothing has quite panned out, it is nice to see people cared enough to take time to think of things on my behalf...All that said, life is a bitch....And a cruel one at that...It seems not only did the collapse of my front axle on the truck happen but now it seems the USAA insurance agency is trying not to have to pay fr anything by saying they did not see any proof of impact and thus the adjuster THINKS it is a mechanical failure! What does that mean? It means I would be on the hook for everything caused by that "failure". At the very least $2600 bucks, plus whatever they choose to charge me for the rental car coverage which I'd guess they'd hit me up for since if they aren't saying it is worthy of being covered, then rental car wouldn't be either....Anyways, that means Pan Am Training camp, out, Pan Ams, out, Abu Dhabi Pro Gi trials, out, Brasileiro, out, more than likely Mundials would be out as well as all of those would have been coming out of pocket due to lack of sponsorship anyway. So, last but more importantly, it would mean I'd have to come up with towing $ and $ for storage to the repair place and not have a car to drive for quite some time, and thus, no way to work, no way to teach and no way to get to train. Well, at least I'd finally get rest I assume. That said, I finally got some really good work in recently and felt as if I was getting back into form...Little technical errors were being corrected, and in the last training sessions against some good brown belts my size, I was really becoming dominant in my performances...Perhaps this is something telling me to pursue my training the way i know I need to to get where I wish to be? I dunno. I know I have not worked half as hard as I should. I really can't expect the kind of performances I wish to have, when I do not put in the effort required...Putting in these latest good practices and working not only smarter but harder shows me I can do it if I put my mind to it, but that I need to have much more time in the gym if I want to keep improving....I really would hate to stop being able to do anything as I feel like I finally broke through a plateau...We will see how things go...I fight on....for how long, I do not know.

Thought For Today: "It Is A Beautiful Day To Die." - Every day the samurai repeats this thought upon awakening. He will do his best to see that it does not happen. But, if you're always prepared for the worst, life is made easier.

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