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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Small Milestone

Through all the physical problems, and small injuries, etc...At least some things are going well...

I woke up at 210.0 lbs.!!!

Currently at 211.2lbs.!!!

Also, I think I have closed the hole on the pass that I was so susceptible to. the nature of jiu-jitsu says another one will pop up, but for now, I can move on to other aspects of my game to cover, and go back to being able to rely on my guard game. Funny how losses can fuel your progress much more than wins. that lesson, learned so explicitly in my travels through this art, allow me to get through my days sane.

Hopefully I can make it to at least 215.0lbs. by end of the week and maintain that through this training phase...This week through the beginning of the next contain the worst and hardest training days I have to deal with on the road to this year's Pan American Games! Will let y'all know how things are going...

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