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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pins And Needles...Needles And Pins...Preparations...

Well..Tomorrow is a big day...I leave for the Pan American Games preparation camp with the Alliance Team in Atlanta. Goign to train with folks like Fabio Gurgel, Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles, Tarsis Humphries, Michael Langhi, etc etc...Along with some of the other very top guys Alliance has to offer...going to get ready to take the overall team title this year! Before I leave though, I have to go get my neck and back worked on...My procedure will have me going under sedation to be getting 2 Epidural Cortico shots to the cervical disks and 3 in the lumbar/sacrum area...In addition I will be getting a nerve block series of injections to the ribs to take care of that problem...hopefully that all works out so I can at least make it through final preparations and then do well at the end of next week to Win at Pan Ams in L.A. Hope it works, if not, this may be my last tournament. Having a bit of a problem getting "up" for this tournament as all the top guys in my division and at rank, I have beaten, and a couple I have not have all moved on to the Brown Belt division, as well as the goal I'd set of competing against Kron Gracie likely won't be possible after this tournament either by health or by him getting Black Belted at the tournament...Just have to keep focused and do what I have to do I guess...

also, if you watch good friend, Marcus Hicks....the UNDEFEATED in his career Marcus Hicks (, will be fighting, Wednesday night LIVE on the Versus Channel (check your cable listings) in the WEC, so make sure you support him!

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