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Monday, March 17, 2008

Old Man+Blown Elbow+Blown Rib+Long Drive=Champ!

Will post more on this later today, but for now, you can check the slide show...this comes from the Louisiana State Championships - 15 March 2008...After winning my first two matches in the Open division(they held it before weight classes), I find out that I dislocated my elbow while winning the second match. Thinking it is more of the same problem stemming from my neck (had some not so good news from my MRI last week :( ), I went over to the booth of a chiropractor/doctor on site...He pops my elbow back into place ( I think he said it was the radius bone but I forget exactly..all I knwo is it hurt like hell and I couldn't use that hand/arm much afterward...problem started at about 1:30 into the match I hurt it in...and have NO idea how the hell I hurt it)...Upset at not being able to try to win the Open (there was a free ticket to
Pan Ams for the winner), I came back to dispute the weight division (they combined Super Heavy and Heavy...I ended up beating the Open Winner (Gabe Barahona - a very good Super-Heavy Purple who has placed and won many tournaments at Purple including Pan Ams, No-Gi Worlds, Arnold's, etc and who beat me after a tough match in the Open last year in Louisiana by a pass after escaping a triangle...) by triangle...Was particularly satisfying as he is a GOOD competitor...really tough, but not having my left arm of much use, really had my focus better and my movement in my hips and leg control, as well as my efficiency of motion upped another level.

Anyways, now I have to heal up and get ready for Pan Ams (After watching some of the brown belts there, I know I could be competitive (still holding out hope my coach thinks so and belts me but I think that hope is going away...)...the elbow is just sore but my hand and arm are functioning without problem...The rib is the problem though..coughing, moving in any way, are all painful :(...Just got to work through it. I have to win Pan Ams if I am to move on and up. Plus, Pan ams (because of my neck/back problems) could be my last tournament for a while...I pray it isn't but just in case, need to go out with a bang!

god Bless...Thanks for reading...Till next time...

And congrats to my GOMGI competition team!!! Everyone Won or placed second in their divisions...Looking forward to duplicating that at Pan Ams...I'm glad to be on this team...Tyler and everyone have always treated me like a brother...Really good people,and damn good Jiu-Jitsu players! Also, BIG congrats to my team mate Sam Okate...He is a white belt from my school! He won the White Belt Open class and got Silver in his weight class (only losing on a last minute take down) He DOMINATED every match he had...I'm proud of his accomplishments and looking forward to him duplicating them at Pan Ams as well...Glad I could help you bring out the talent you have!

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