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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You Ain't Got To Get Ready If You Stay Ready....

"The Hook To Track #13 off Young Jeezy's 'The Recession'"

On The Job

15 September 2008 After Class Physique...It's Getting There...
A WHOLE LOT Of Work To Go Though...

With "Bull"...Congrats New Father In A Few Days

Read His Lips! LOL

Weight: 204.8

Weight coming along nicely and the physique is getting chopped up a lil better though this groin pull and tight hamstring are working in conjunction to make my life miserable...The neck is feeling a thousand percent better since the procedure though...So much so, that I am looking forward to having the same thing done on the lumbar/sac area enthusiastically...

The classes I teach are an eye opener...My students really are like surrogate children to me...And they are beating the odds having only the two nights a week of classes and really progressing such that I can see it week to week...The uniqueness of each student and how they learn gives me opportunities to advance my own knowledge of the art by having to adapt techniques not only to different body types etc but also to how they relate to different methods of demonstration and assimilate different things at different rates...It's a really good experience, and even the trying times and a trying student or two are all rewarding...I hope they are receiving even part of what I've been given from the art...That all said, tonight in class I had one student actually ask me to have a lot more repetition...Something I'd been angling to have them realize on their own...And they did! So the way I've been wishing to teach them and moving toward (thought they may not have seen it) can be fully implemented and honestly I think they will progress even faster now...

Back to me and the title of the post...Normally, the only place I have peace is when I am on the mats...Nothing exists there...No problem...No worry...No issue...Not even my opponent...But lately...My mind is like the notebook room in Tyler Durden's house from the movie Fight Club...Personal relationships...Projects at work...Injury and the possibility of health issues...the drugery of life all vie for attention at the most inopportune times...And it seems today, I got more heaped upon me in all these areas and more especially where it comes to dealing with people in all facets of my life...The thing is, I have been taught, try to teach others, and ascribe to, the idea that staying prepared, allows you to perform at the level you are accustomed to...Just lately it hasn't been that easy...The joy I found always in being able to have peace at the only place to have provided it is fading...I don't want to lose it...I will have to practice what I preach soon as the American Nationals are coming this weekend (Hell, even just getting there was a chore that intruded into thoughts until tonight!)...Last year I took my division and absolute and it is a goal I set in January to do the same this year...We shall see...It's only Tuesday and I don't see things, especially where other people are involved getting any less heavy on my mind throughout this week...ehhh...It's a lot deeper than all this butto go beyond takes it out of the realm of dealing with jiu-jitsu and my journeys through it (the TRUE purpose of this blog), and into whining...Ain't tryna do that..

Training is coming along well...My ability to adapt my own learning of techniques to be most effective for me...In asking what I needed to improve on to bring my game to the next level...One of my biggest holes was takedowns...This I am closing in a hurry...Last night in class...Had the sweetest set of judo throws all in a consecutive set in King of Takedowns last night...including a beautiful (if i say so myself lol) lateral drop on a REALLY good wrestler and a very nice hip toss from overhook control on a very tough guy who outweighs me by about 30 lbs...did it perfect as he felt like a feather the whole time...Honestly felt good to see the fruits of concentrating on my wrestling and judo so hard lately...I have a few more holes to continue to work I am going back to do a few months of basic escape drilling from all areas ....That's gonna suck ass, but is necessary to stay sharp...If I can keep the pain of my lower back and groin pull out of my head everything will be aiight...Anyways...I'm tired...I know I've missed a lot of things but will hit it all next time I post....Sorry...I fight on...

Thought Of The Day: One great cause of failure is lack of concentration.
-- Bruce Lee
Thought 2:

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