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Friday, September 26, 2008

"Catchin' Bullets?.....With His Teeth?..." Shonuff

Me, Coach Allen, James, Omar, And Ben
After The Last Mat Was Laid
The New Gym
Over 2K Sq/Ft Mat Space 24x24 5Rope Boxing Ring/And A lot Of Other Stuff

I Do....Don't I?

Wish I Could Feel This Way Right Now
Weight: 199.6

To be honest. I dunno where things are going right now...body feels broken...Not as much pain, even though there is a fair amount of it, but more a weight, an exhaustion. Yesterday I did not sleep well the night before, so through the early morning hours I exercised...Got to work and did the same...
After dealing with the job etc, I went to help out with getting some things in place in the new gym coach is moving into. As if I didn't have enough bodily issues, I had a several hundred pound steel beam (a support for the boxing ring) fall onto my hand and arm and pin me to the ground for a bit. I tried, but I had to have help to get it off...I was skrong at first...Attempted to use my manly muscle skrenff....Then....Tried invoking the Bruce Leroy Glow, the secret levitation techniques of the pharoahs, and the power of suggestion to tell myself I was someplace else and hope that moved me, but what worked in the end was to scream like a little girl to get help to come get it off me....The end bit into my hand and left a very tiny but neat and deep puncture wound into my hand as well as has my forearm hurting like a summamabitch...Today, there is a really bad sore/stiff/knot in my hand that got progressively worse over night. The grip in that hand sucks ass...If I am to compete next week, I dunno how I will work around it. A couple of technical things I was to work and clean up before then, I am not sure of how to proceed now because I am pretty limited as to one side...At least it may help that it's not GI as far as grips go...Training-wise the judo things as wella s some of my set ups which translate to NO-GI will be greatly affected I think... We will see...Honestly though, if I weren't injured in some way, I'd feel that things weren't normal...this really sucks. All that on top of the regular day to day problems with people and life made it really hard to concentrate on and in training...All this makes it seem as if things are conspiring to keep me from going next week to NY in addition to a few other places I was really hoping to be able to go...I'd gotten to the point where I really felt that training and competing, outside my daughter, were all I had. I was content with that too. Honestly felt that my purpose was finally realized to give some meaning to my life...Hellifiknow if that's really it, but it's starting to feel like it isn't. I'd hate to go back to how I was before I found this path...

I got a lot going on in my head about now, and don't think putting it down here is too relevant ....I fight on....

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