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Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Ahhhhhh....And Boom Goes The Dynamite"

Weight: 199.0

Well, taught class today...It started out really small....Just 3 people, but grew to ten...I started off with a really harsh cardio warm up for about 30 minutes...A result of my mood from yesterday I'd say (more on that later)...But as more folks came, and I got into teaching, my mood got better. I really LOVE doing this...I am hoping this means that feeling is back to stay, but I still could not fully rid myself of my thoughts about problems...Anyways...I taught transitions today, focusing on top side travel, and finishing in a brabo choke from mount...Also taught the Peruvian Necktie...The rolling was in drill form as well...We play the Call Out Submission game...The thing that made me feel good was that even though most of the students had just learned some of the things I called out, they tried and succeeded a few times with them...
Anyways, I did some cardio myself and walked myself intot eh lax/preparation week in anticipation of tne No-Gi Pan Ams this upcoming weekend (though I had another financial curveball thrown at me which looks to derail the competition:( )...Didn't feel too well still though so let it ride...As for how I got here...If you read the previous posts you know how I've been feeling...The physical problems are mounting, and the pain in my low back is pretty constant now(Hope to get the procedure done to it asap....Crappy insurance)...Anyways...YEsterday, I go over to check up on how things are going with the new gym, and help out a bit...I take my truck, and go to Home depot to get some 12' 2X8s to help finish up the boxing ring...I put them into my truck, but had to tie them down and tilt them in the truck as they were 6' longer than the bed...I was near where I live so I stop by my house to take the dog out....Park the truck right outside my garage...And go upstrairs....She's happy to see me as I hadn't been home since morning...I put her leash on and we go downstairs...The dog is happy to be out and starts to run...I figure to give her a good lil outing before I have to run back out and start to run with her and ....BOOM!....I am on the ground...I'd run into the two boards (HEAVY ass boards I might add)...I wake up to my dog franticly licking my face and nuzzling me to two knots (on on my head and one over my eye) and a really pounding headache...The pain was intense...Because of the angle and the tie down, the boards never moved, which made the impact much harder...Anyways, my head still is hurting and I've just felt a lil off today even though it is etter than yesterday...I hope it continues to get better...I just can't concentrate...Had to keep repeating things and struggling to remember terms in teaching today...Will get some rest, and try to get some hard competition specific training in tomorrow...Kinda tired of writing and head is hurting...Even so...I fight on....

Thought For Today: The Entire Book Of JOB

I really am trying.

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