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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Hear, And Forget...I See, And Remember...I Do, And I Understand.

HAD To Bring This One Back

Working/Teaching Side-Control

Happy Feelin's / Look At California
Hope To Have More Soon

O protetor de boca do pesadelo

After The Comp.

Weight 202.4

I got my custom mouth-guard today from Stars Guards...Has my nickname imprinted on it, and is VERY comfortable...Jeff, who is the owner, was in touch every step of the way and showed a level of customer service that you don't see pretty much ANYwhere nowadays, and had things turned around in about a week and a half total...If you need a great custom mouth-guard from a good company check out ..Tell Jeff I sent ya...they have done guards for lots of folks from curret UFC fighters on down to weekend warriors! WELL worth the $.
Tonight's class was rough training-wise. We worked on some half-guard escapes as well as some transitions from half-guard escapes to attacks, and then got right to business. Instead of our normal rolling, Coach Allen put me and a couple of the other guys who are going to Mundials out and lined everyone else up along the walls...In turn each person got to start either in side mount, mount, or back mount...Coach would break us at random times..sometimes short sometimes long, but we got no break as soon as we got broken, the next person in line got to attack...This went on for 15minutes straight...I got several submissions but not as many as I should have by a long shot...The good thing is, that each different person I went with, not only did I get the escape quickly, but I got a sweep or reversal with each...This was surprising as I didn't think my reversals were as far along as they seem to be, and because about 3 minutes in...there went my arms/hands, and the shoulder pain started as well... But again past my first wind, my cardio is in line for where I am, though I was nowhere near as aggressive as I should have been and wish to be....
The next roll was with an extremely good guy...Coach Allen has been helping me close up a hole in my half-guard passing game for some time now...If you note the title of this post, that's been my problem with the solution to my issue as well as with a couple reversals he's shown me over and over...Sometimes you have to just have it click and do the technique without question for you to "get" it...I am normally good at this but for some reason with this particular variation, I haven't been...Well the guy I went with is someone who plays the game that this is tailor made for, and even after being shown this, I always get frustrated and go to a different pass with him, even after Coach Allen working it with me...Sure I can go to something else that is effective but it requires repositioning and more energy expenditure...Anyways...tonight...we roll after the marathon session of rolling and I get the pass...I settle back and allow my leg to be caught again, and get it again...I settle back once more and get it again to make certain that I did just do it and this time I consolidate....As I have been working my top submissions and whittling away to the automatic and strong ones to use, I went to one of them which is the scarf/leg-over choke from side-mount...I got it and sunk it but didn;t use the ten-count rule and let it go at about 8 as my damned hands were losing strength...Coach Allen also told me my hold was too shallow, and hopefully with the procedure Wednesday coming on my nerve center, I will get some relief and be able to to this one as well as the rest I like from that area...
I also had a couple other rolls where I finally worked the cross choke setup from knee on belly perfectly, as well as the triangle set-up I used at NAGA, and lastly caught the baseball bat off an allowed pass. All of these I had to use good control with my lower body and positioning with my upper body due to pain and diminished grip...I do have more than a few things to work in positioning and my effective aggression off reversals...I am trying to change my modus operandi to look not only for the submission, but for the submission from ANY position...I am working to identify submissions I can throw even out of the worst positions...Submission is the spirit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and what I want to strive for....I have a LOT of work to do to get there though, and I have to start doing the things I've been shown to be able to understand and apply them. I have great instruction, I just have to follow it...I fight on...
Oh, make sure to check out the June issue of FIGHT! Magazine (On newsstands now... is the website but they haven't updated the issue yet) to see Marcus Hicks in it..He has a FULL page...So pass the word and definitely pick up a copy and check him out..That's a big thing!...

Thought For Today: He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.

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