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Sunday, February 1, 2009

And So It Begins Again....(Updated w/Video)

Weight: HellifIknow

Tired, sore, and happy. Though I come back home to some uncertain and trying situations, I am still blessed. I will write in depth later, but for now, let me say:


-2009 EUROPEAN Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu CHAMPIONSHIPS

Champion – Brown – Sr. 1 – Absolute

Champion – Brown – Sr. 1 – Super Heavyweight

CONGRATULATIONS To my Friend and Teammate Kelly Rundle:

Silver – Brown – Sr. 3 – Absolute
Champion – Brown – Sr. 3 – Super Heavyweight

Faxia Marrom - Sr.1 - Super Pesado - Final
Pesadelo vs. Giuseppe Fincatti

Faxia Marrom - Sr.1 - Super Pesado - Absoluto - Match 2
Pesadelo vs. Javier Atencia Escalante'

Faxia Marrom - Sr.1 - Super Pesado - Absoluto - Match 3
Pesadelo vs. Florentin Amorim

Faxia Marrom - Sr.1 - Super Pesado - Absoluto - Semi-Final
Pesadelo vs. Alexander Rosgovas

Thought For The Day: God Is Good!


Jeffro aka (Jeff Mullenax) Jeffro Gameness, Jeffro Hurt'n Machine said...

Congrats to you n Kel-Dog,,,,Excellent work.

Jadon Ortlepp said...

Top stuff. You get back alright? I think lots of guys got stranded trying to get back to England we had major snow!. Gutted I wasnt there to meet you and compete.

Am teaching 2 bjj classes a day at this orphanage in zambia at the moment!, I still got plenty of basic stuff to teach them but it would be awesome if you could reccomend any good drills for beginners that I might not know. Or any cool things that have worked for you as an instructer.

Tone said...


Congrats, stay strong


Junior Familia said...

man your a triangle machine, slick stuff looking like another "Hall"!