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Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 Iz Better'n One

204 Between Rolls

Weight: 204.2

Well yesterday was another 2-A-Day workout day. I ended up teaching the day class, as one of our other assistant instructors is out of town. I taught the terminator choke, and came up with a no-gi variation of it (still trying to see if anyone has done it this way...once I find out, I will make a video of it and post), and taught a combination attack from guard, from cross choke to armbar...After teaching technique, we went on to King Of The Hill drills...This is basically a live guard passing exercise where you have two minutes to pass guard and/or submit your partner, while the king, who is playing guard, is attempting to sweep and/or submit you...I worked between lines (200 and under...200 and over) in passing but when I'd pass I'd allow the person I'd passed to stay in the drill.I passed smoothly and transitioned easily between passes in doing so. I think the longest time in anyone's guard was one minute...This part of my game is actually starting to come into it's own as I intend it to though I have much to improve upon before it is where I wish it to be...But against one of the really good guard players and escape artists as well as against one of the big guys at the gym who's defense to passing is to wait until you pass then power throw you over, I made efficient and crushing passes...that said, my doggone toe was and is now killing me because of it...I'm too old to be pushing it but I gotta get ready..Pain is only temporary right?...well in rolling, I was a bit limited as I could not play much open guard for fear of using my foot and getting that toe hurt more...That said, I worked on my flower sweep from closed guard and worked on setting up sweeps directly to leg locks...I got a few of these so it's becoming more natural...i do need work on defending leg locks from sitting/open guard as one of my rolls with one of our black belts who is a leg-biter, he just kept setting me up for them, and i was not defending well at all.
The night class, coach Allen was showing X-Guard entries again and he worked with me on some problems in standing opponents outside that during technique work...when we went from technique to the next drill, it was guard pass wars again..This time I worked my guard game...I was never passed, and had some good recoveries, but when my opponent stands to break, I am not attacking. That needs to be worked on and coach drilled some of those with me. That said, not getting passed was a highlight, especially with my foot as it is...It is KILLING me in these hard toed shoes today (Had to look presentable as I am interviewing a person today...Funny the looks I get with my official dress clothes with my arm sleeves showing! lol)...Anyways...The two-a-day practices are doing well as I can concentrate on one side of the game int he morning, and if I do well with it I can concentrate on the other..if not, I have another opportunity to work..The best way to defend something is to understand how it needs to be worked...that said, a brotha is getting old! The body isn't bouncing back like it used to, and more practices means more chances to see imperfections and things I don't do well...In the light of coming tournaments, that's sometimes a little bit of a blow to the psyche and confidence...
As for tournaments, I am still hoping hard for a sponsor for both the Abu Dhabi Pro GI Trials next week and Pan Ams....No movement yet but I am hopeful...Anyone hear of anything, let me know! :)
As for my body weight, My body fat is dropping significantly, and my weight is staying consistent, and even gaining a pound or two per week..Problem is, with losing the body fat, I'm looking a lot smaller than I'd like:( (as you can see above in the pictures)...I am working much harder to get up to about 210-215...We shall see how it is...I need to work better on recovery though as the work is really getting to me, and I need to put more in...That said, this is what I want...To be professional and a viable competitor on the highest level...I have a LONG LONG way to go as I do not yet work hard enough to make the gains I wish...I fight on...

Thought For The Day: Learn the principle, abide by the principle, and dissolve the principle. In short, enter a mold without being caged in it. Obey the principle without being bound by it. LEARN, MASTER AND ACHIEVE!!!

1 comment:

David said...

you made a comment on how your long legs make x kind of difficult.
well i am 6'0 179 with long legs , and i struggle to get even the x position, and now that i think of it what top level tall bjj player uses X guard... answer none. X guard is tailor made for people with shorter legs and so its best for me to emulate bjj by tall dudes and not short dudes what do you think???