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Monday, July 7, 2008


Me At 205 Getting Ready
Hopefully Will Be at Least 210 by Brazil

The Brown Belt Gauntlet

After a Hard Practice
I was the hammer that night!

Putting In Purple Belt X-Pass Work Needed To Get That Tightened Up
It's Heavy And Brutal Now!

Happy Faixa Marrom!

Congrats To Kelly Rundle On Your Brown Belt!

The New WEC Lightweight Champion
Marcus The Wrecking Ball Hicks
August 3rd!

Weight: 202.4

Well, I haven't updated this in some time. I am sorry for those who do take the time to come and read, but I've been hella busy. I would like to thank all of you who do read and take your time to check this spot out. It means a LOT to me that you do so. this was started for me to be able to chronicle my feelings, pains, triumphs, etc through my travels in the gentle art...It's nice to know that others get something out of it and care enough about it or me or whatever it is to come here..Hell, I am even thankful for those who come here who really dislike me. congrats to My boy Kelly On His new Brown Belt!!! As for training and preparations...Someone has to pay for my broken toes and Less than successful Mundials. Even though I won a match I could have done better. trainign has been going well...I have just this last couple days started just taping my two broken toes together and working without the wrestling shoes...The toes will have to wait to heal for a time...There is too much work to be done...Most days I am the hammer, but I have been forcing myself to be the nail more. A few holes I discovered I'd had, I have been working diligently to cover up. My age has been showing itself, but I refuse to let it beat me. Been constantly sick which has hindered my breathing, and concentration as I've started back having my headaches, but the good thing is, that fighting through this, I am sure to be able to make it through just a normal match when I get to feeling well. I have been having issues with a new guard pass I like...Not so much the technique and application, but rather chaining it together with others when making pass attempts and keeping the proper pressure when I do...Will have to get some work in with Jacob or coach Allen on this soon...I'd like to work with Marcus on this one as it suits his style perfectly as well as his escape game for it, but he is getting ready to win his fight (WEC championship against Jamie Varner - Aug. 3rd!) so I don't want to bother him with it...The other things, I've been working are simplifying my game, and concentrating ont he tiny little things in the most basic of moves that make them unstoppable...Been working the Roger Gracie armbar, with a lot of help from Coach Allen, as well as some things picked up from Rickson Gracie's commentary on the armbar as well as more control and quicker submissions from top game...The straight up armbar is coming along nicely, but still working to make my cross choke from mount effective to my standards...a positive note is that I can get there efficiently, but my positioning on the finish leaves much to be desired...I've been taking more time (at least an hour added to practice combined b4 and after) just doing basics drills...Even back down to just body positioning etc in addition to technique...It is paying off immensely...
that coupled with me started to teach at vision with REALLY new people is helping my understanding of the gentle art move beyond me just practicing...only thing is that I obsess over not giving them any mistakes and hitches in their game that may take them a long time to correct...everyone gets's human,...I just don't want to be the cause of any bad habits so I've been taking a little extra time to give really good base foundation skills to them... It really feels good to pass things on to them, so I just want to give it to them correct. I have been working on some new teaching methods as well, so wish me luck with my first batch of newbies!!!
I am SO looking forward to going to Brazil...even trying to see if I can compete at the Rio Open in addition to the International Masters & Seniors to make the most of it...will be going with a good friend and one of the black Belts at my school, Jon Bjorkesten...I wish the day was already here....anyone with tips on Rio etc I welcome the information...
this year I hope to make it to World No-Gi (Aug in LA), American Nationals (Sept in LA), Pan American Games No-Gi(Oct NYC), US Open (Oct in Santa Cruz, CA), and maybe even Tokyo for the Asian Championships in Nov...but I am looking for sponsors, so if you know ANY small companies etc that would put small amounts toward me going in exchange for me putting their company/product on my GI and/or promoting their product/company...Please let me know!
Jiu-Jitsu has given me a lot...I hope to have my own school open no later than Jan. 2009...This job stresses me to no end and looks to be ending at the end of July anyway. Hopefully, the dream will become reality soon! I fight on....

Thought For Today: 'Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.'

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