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Monday, November 17, 2008

Dreams Of Being Your Worst Nightmare...

New Ink

Have Him with you.

"A Warrior Must Only Take Care That his Spirit Is Not Broken"
I'm Close


Weight: 196.8 sucks ass. People places and things can alter your perception of even your most beloved possessions, activities, and peace of mind. Lately, things just get in the way when I try to lose myself in training. I have been trying to bring my passing game up to the level of my guard game and my top control game...I feel, as does coach, that if so, then I can be at the level I need to be to advance. That said, to train effectively one has to be into what they are doing to both be able to work on the things they wish, and to be able to remember and note what went right and wrong with the session...Well tonight, as a result of a LOT going on in my life, I walked in with a very nasty attitude. That said, I followed the techniques very well, which were attacks from the back (bow and arrow choke), back escapes, and an over-hook take down...Once we got to rolling, it was even better as one of our really good brown belts was at class and I got to roll with him as well as one of our really good purple belts...I did a LOT of things that I have been working on well, such as a very nice knee bar from a different set up, as well as some nice passing and control from side mount which Ive worked on to...That said, I got lazy a bit working in my guard and gave up two reversals without really fighting for them, which is something I have been fighting as it is in my nature to go to guard. Had a competitor say to some people that this was something he noticed in my game, and I wish to eliminate it so as to have my whole game as good as my guard play. I must work on this much better as I also need to work on my control in my high guard to alternate attacks...I also need work on adding a few more passes to my game. I deliberately went away from my strong ones and worked my problem areas...Hated it but it is what I need. anyways, the problem is...When I went to write in my private blog, to get an idea what needs to be done...I couldn't remember any more than I wrote here. (It should be noted I keep another private blog for detailed training notes, very personal feelings, etc that I don't want opponents knowing etc...)
i know it was my anger/frustration at things in life that kept my mind from remembering...When going to train ego, and problems should be left at the door. I always loved jiu-jitsu as without even trying, this was something that allowed me to get myself free of the day to day bullshit...Man, I can't lose this too. Anyways...I do know some of the things I need to work, and will try to do so. Hopefully i can get it done.
I got Saulo Ribeiro's new book - 'Jiu-Jitsu University' today and must say it is very refreshing and effective...EASY TO FOLLOW and the rprogression make everything fit together. If you are serious about learning new things outside your regular training this is a good tool to get.
Also need to note, if anyone wishes to get anything from my Cafepress shop:
You must get it before tomorrow night (18 November 2008) as I will be taking it down then.
As for me and the things I am frustrated in and with in my Jiu-Jitsu travels, I must work harder, as i do not worknearly hard enough. In addition, I must pray. While I do that, for now I fight on...

Though Of The Day: The Entire Book Of Job


Dan Hartman said...

wow! lovin' the shoes... also the thong in the cafepress shop :p

out of interest - what was your first tattoo? and what other bjj-related tats do you have?

coryd said...

...I must work harder, as i do not work nearly hard enough...

My friend, keep 2 things in mind during your travels:

1.) We are, and always will be, our own worst critic but the reality is you are one of the top brown belts in the competitive world. That doesn't happen by accident.

2.) Remember to step back to find perspective occasionally. Sometimes we focus so hard on the problem that we overlook the solution. Even God took a day off after a long week of work.

This reminds me of a clip from the movie Pi about Archimedes.

Thanks for sharing this journey.