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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Goals Right There But Still Far Away...Still Building...

Training update:

My guard passing and top game (submitting once I've passed) are coming along very nicely...I think I've finally closed that hole in my game...It seems that I can work this part of my game to success no matter the opponent lately...Feels good as I have seemingly improved my movement and submission game for the guard as well...Take downs are my last area, I'd like to improve on, but don't have really good judo guys to work with so not sure exactly what direction I want to work on...Last few practices have gone well in the way of working to submissions quickly...Last night's practice especially, I had an arm bar from a set up I've been perfecting work on one of our guys who has been REALLY hard to submit...As well as had a few set ups for triangle from some odd positions I came up with on my own that really work!!! (this is something really exciting to me...Only problems I have been having are physical...It seems my arms (even as I type this) are prone to extreme fatigue/exhaustion...This really worries me, as I honestly have never felt anything like this, and can't figure a reason for it...Also had (and have been having bad back problems...Last night had it lock up on me on the right side and could barely move...My cardio is great but if I can't keep the back and arms in check, I will be in serious trouble for this next tournament...

Speaking of which, I hope to get a victory in this one to prove to my coach I'm ready for the next level...In case I hadn't mentioned it, my goal of having my Brown before Pan Ams is not merely for the belt level, it's to be able to compete against Kron Gracie...I am pretty sure he is getting black belted at that tournament, and knowing that I am at least a couple to a few years at elast from black belt level, I'd like to catch him now while I feel competitive, and have a physical chance to compete evenly, because if I have to wait until I am at black belt level, hell I could be 40 by then, and not have the ability to stay with a guy almost 20 years my junior....Who knows if I will get there, but I am damn sure trying...

Weight update: Woke at 205.6 (Down from 208.2 at bed time)...Next tournament I am competing at super Heavyweight to give myself more of a test. Just hope my arms and back hold up.

Backing down off the hard training cycle now so that my body can rest...Just not having much success as lots in the personal life is stressing me out ....

As for tournaments this year, these are the major ones I am looking forward to
Pan Ams - LA - March
Mundials (GI) - LA - June
International Masters & Seniors World Championships - Brazil - July
US Open - Santa Cruz - October
American Nationals - LA - September
NAGA Nationals here in Dallas - May
No-Gi Mundials - LA - August

Don't know about Brazil though...My equipment sponsor is top notch!!! HTTP://WWW.GOMGI.COM
but it'll take a lot to get me to Brazil...Anyone know of any companies/entities that would sponsor me, please let me know...

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